There have already been three stabs at a Doctor Who roleplaying game: FASA produced Doctor Who RPG in the ‘80s and Virgin released a curious Time Lord RPG in the early ’90s. Both are now long-gone but you can get the Time Lord rules for free here (PDF format). The recent, over-priced and ill-fated Adventures in Time & Space RPG defaults to playing the Doctor’s companions – not what we’re looking for.

I tried adapting the Everway rules for a Who-rpg. Everway was designed by Jonathan Tweet back in the ‘90s when the craze for freeform gaming was at its height. The game uses a tarot-style “Fortune Deck” instead of dice, employs very simple mechanics and emphasises romance, spirituality and cinematic action over gritty realism, fighting and competition. It’s also very difficult to get killed in Everway. There’s a website devoted to supporting Everway here.

Fudge diceIn place of Everway’s Fate Deck, I created a Time Deck on similar themes, but if you don’t like card-based resolutions the system is compatible with FUDGE and a pair of FUDGE dice produces the same outcomes, varying between double-plus and double-minus.

So, we’ve created our own Doctor Who RPG. Allons-y!

Ghosts of Gallifrey

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