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Premise: After the War…

After the warTime Lord characters are all refugees from the Last Great Time War. Probably, they fought in it; possibly (like the Master) they fled from it or were sent out of the Time Vortex on some other mission and were unable to return when the War became “time-locked”. If the characters fought in the War, it’s worth giving some thought to how they survived:

  • Own Initiative: After all, the Doctor survived. The characters may have found some way to leave the Vortex and escape the War, either fleeing from enemies or simply surviving where everyone else died.
  • Outside Assistance: Consider that Dalek Caan released Davros from the Vortex. There are several time-travelling races who might be able to interfere with the Vortex: Daleks, Sontarans, the Rutan Host, Eternals, the Black and White Guardians, etc. Other races were affected by the Time War and might have been involved: the Nestene Consciousness, the Gelth, the Forest of Cheem, the Krillitane.
  • Mystery/Unknown: If the characters don’t know how they survived, finding the answer can be a theme for the game.

If the characters are in the familiar Who-niverse they may sense the Doctor and he will certainly sense them; the GM can use the Doctor as a recurring NPC, ally, mentor or rival. Alternatively, the characters may have escaped into a different dimension (like the one Rose Tyler was stranded in) where they will be the only Time Lords.

Escaping from the Time War has taken its toll on the characters’ TARDIS. While it may be the latest model, many of its systems are damaged or faulty. A goal for the players will be to repair their TARDIS. If all four of its Aspects can be raised again to 10 it may be powerful enough to break the “time-lock” surrounding the history of the Time Lords so that the players can avert the war or save Gallifrey.

The trauma of the War has taken a psychological toll on the characters themselves. There are gaps in their memories of dreadful things repressed and powers lost. For the Time Lords, the story involves rediscovering their knowledge and power and transcending it, possibly aspiring to the powers once wielded by legendary Time Lord progenitors Omega and Rassilon.

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