Time Lord Science

Time Lord Technology is broken down into four Colleges, each with several Scientific Theories. The Time Lord has 10 points to spend on Science but will probably have bought some Powers already and needs to save something for a TARDIS and perhaps a Screwdriver.

A Time Lord cannot have a Science score higher than his related Aspect and starting characters cannot have a Science score above 7 in any event.

Time Lord Science often appears “magical” to less advanced cultures (which means pretty much everybody). If the Time Lord has access to Gallifreyan technology, effects can be created which are long-lasting (or permanent), pretty much instantly. Gallifreyan technology comes from a TARDIS, so the character cannot produce effects this way any higher than his TARDIS’ score in that Aspect. If the Time Lord wants to produce higher-level effects – or any effects at all away from his TARDIS – he will have to “jury-rig” something using less-advanced technology to hand; this can take a long time and the effects are usually short-lived.

Prydonian Flux Science

Prydonian Battle Science

Arcalian Hyper Medicine

Arcalian Harmonics

Patrexean Psionics

Patrexean Logopolitics

Cerulean Vortices

Cerulean Enigmatics

Players should not overuse these powers, which should feature only once or twice in an adventure. If characters are resolving every conflict or obstacle with a gee-whizz device, then the GM is licensed to declare that crucial components have burned out or power supplies are too low.
Time Lords often defeat enemies by turning their own evil devices back on them. This sort of karmic retribution doesn’t need any particular Science to attempt, though possessing some Sciences might make the attempt more likely to succeed.

Time Lord Science

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